IOFirebug Engine Community

Engine Community is hardware-identical product to IOFireBug Engine Professional, but for this product is available neither DeviceTool SW nor .Net library for application development. The product, however, can be fully used due to well documented communication interface between PC and board.

In stockPrice: € 159

Engine board is equipped with a microcontroller and allows connection of external devices with PC. The board connects via USB (or RS-422 / RS-485) and contains following peripherals:

  • 8x analog input
  • 8x binary input (galvanically isolated)
  • 8x switching N-FET output (galvanically isolated, all channels has common ground)
  • RS-485 / RS-422 interface (configurable, galvanically isolated)
  • USB to Serial interface (FTDI)
  • SPI interface for expansion modules
  • Power supply DC +5V for external devices (encoders, RaspBerryPi etc.)

Engine board can be extended by Wagon modules connected via SPI interface according to your application needs. SPI interface accepts up to eight wagon modules. Wagon modules can expand the main board by number of inputs or outputs depending by the type of Wagon

For IOFirebug Engine Community product it is only necessary to implement communication with IOFireBug Engine in your application. Thanks to this, your application can be fully platform independent.

Technical parameters

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 152x102x40 mm



Title Version Size
Prohlášení o shodě (CZ) 1.0 179,38 kB pdf
Produktový list (CZ) 1.0 2,45 MB pdf
Datasheet (EN) 1.0 2,46 MB pdf
Technical Product Description 1,07 MB pdf
Declaration of conformity (EN) 1.0 273,87 kB pdf


Title Version Size
Firmware 1.0 25,89 kB zip
Programmer GUI 88,22 kB zip

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