Custom Apps development

software development • databases • single-purpose devices • professional IoT applications

We focus on Windows/.Net application development in C#. You can count on our long experience with critical and embedded applications: high availability, resistence to power outages, unauthorized access restrictions, you name it!

Among other thins, we try to prioritize

  • maximum software configuration
  • easy remote upgrades and debugging
  • remote content management

We also regularly create or work with

  • Mobile apps for Windows platform
  • Linux based apps where appropriate
  • Databases, we have experience with Microsoft products, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Web services
  • Identification systems including barcode scannes/printers and RFID readers
  • Industrial Control Systems integration, various interactive sensors, non-standard I/O (see our IOFireBug product)

Our Dev Stack


PC, Windows/Android Tablets, Raspberry


Windows 8.1, Windows 10 IoT, Linux (Raspberry, Suse)


.Net Framework C#, Databases, C++ for Linux apps