Kiosks, Displays, Exhibitions

Embedded apps • software and content updates • custom electronics/sensors design • construction works

Over the past few years, we gained a lot of experience creating interactive exhibits for prominent czech science centres. What's special about these projects, is the huge variety of sensors and active parts. We connect them together and operate them with an embedded app. Each of the exhibits is designed from ground up by us and our partners.

A few things that might interest you

  • Most of the time the solution is based on a miniPC with Embedded Windows OS, in specific cases also Raspberry with Linux.
  • The interconnection with sensors and active parts is done through our custom build interface IOFireBug.
  • The advanced I/O interfaces include laser sensors, Microsoft Kinnect, Barcode scanners, RFID readers.

Perfect user experience

Some of the exhibitions include tables preloaded with custom made software to guide the visitors. We have implemented a few neat features to allow an easy management of several tens of these devices:

  • bulk device charging,
  • the device is locked so that the visitor cannot alter it's setup and functions
  • we have implemented a reliable way to update both software and content remotely

2D and 3D games

When talking interactive kiosks and displays, games obviously pop in mind. For 2D games development we use a simple XNA game engine (it supports basic in-game physics). When it comes to 3D games, there's an obvious choice: Unity3d. It's multiplatform, it's modular, it's awesome. The games can work with Kinect, HTC Vive or augmented reality.

Our Dev Stack for interactive displays


PC, Tablets, Kinect, HTC Vive, Augmented reality markers, FLIR cameras, Raspberry, large displays/projectors, Laser rangefinders and more


Windows 8.1 (including Embedded Industry Pro/Retail), Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Linux (Raspberry, Suse)


.Net Framework and WPF, XNA, OpenCV, Web services, Unity3D, Augmented reality