IOFirebug Engine for Universal Robots

IOFireBug Engine for UR is the base unit of modular I/O expansion for your Universal robots. Can be extended with Wagon modules. URCap is provided for seamless robot integration.

In stockPrice: € 409

This product comes to the market with URCap robot plug-in, which supports configuration of connected
Wagons, read of digital and analog inputs and write to digital outputs.

• Easy to install and use with Universal robot CB 3.0+, Polyscope 3.3+ and e-Series
• Large scalability (up to 72 digital outputs, up to 134 digital inputs)
• USB interface for near CB use, RS-422 interface for use in distance up to 100m (converter needed)
• 8 high precision analogue inputs (0-10V 12bit) with 3Hz refresh rate
• Optoisolated digital inputs with fast response
• Digital outputs with guaranteed value set (wait for set confirmation)
• Per IOFirebug Engine license

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Technical parameters

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 152x102x40 mm



Title Version Size
Datasheet English 1.0 2,94 MB pdf
Datasheet Deutsch 1.0 2,92 MB pdf
Datasheet Le français 1.0 2,92 MB pdf
Datasheet 中国人 1.0 3,08 MB pdf
Datasheet 日本語 1.0 2,97 MB pdf
Declaration of conformity (EN) 1.0 273,87 kB pdf
Application note 01 - Using Tool I/O 1.0 593,91 kB pdf
Instruction manual 2.6 1,25 MB pdf


Title Version Size
URCap 2.6.0 (Compatible with Polyscope 3.15.8 and 5.11.4) 1,21 MB urcap
URCap (Compatible with Polyscope 3.4-3.14 and 5.1.0-5.9.4) 1,22 MB urcap
URCap (Compatible with Polyscope 3.4-3.14 and 5.1.0-5.9.4) 1,22 MB urcap
URCap 2.5.9 (Compatible with Polyscope 3.4-3.13.1 and 5.1.0-5.11.4) 1,22 MB urcap
URCap 2.5.8 (Compatible with Polyscope 3.4-3.10 and 5.1.0-5.5.1) 1,15 MB urcap

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