IOFirebug Wagon 8O

Expansion module compatible with IOFirebug engine (Community and Professional). This module allows to connect 8 additional binary outputs to the system.

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Expansion module WAGON 8O allows to connect additional 8 binary outputs to the main IOFireBug Engine board. Up to 7 other expansion modules can be connected to one Engine board.

Technical parameters

DI Specification 8x N-FET Binary output
Max. switching power 50V / 3A
No PWM function
Communication interface SPI
Power supply Internal by SPI or external power supply 10-30V DC
Consumption 50mA / 12V
Dimensions 75 x 102 x 40 mm
Wight 180g
Operation temperature -20°C to 70°C
Protection Reverse polarity



Title Version Size
Technical Product Description 425,18 kB pdf
Prohlášení o shodě (CZ) 1.0 417,54 kB pdf
Declaration of conformity (EN) 1.0 271,24 kB pdf

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